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Carrom Pool is a game involving a Carrom board game that you may play alone or with your buddies. You only need to slide your disc into each hole on the carrom board, since this is the most important aspect of the game and why so many people enjoy it.
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Carrom Pool Game Review 2022 by

Carrom Pool is a game involving a Carrom board game that you may play alone or with your buddies. You only need to slide your disc into each hole on the carrom board, since this is the most important aspect of the game and why so many people enjoy it.

Miniclip’s Carrom Pool will bring back memories of your childhood. The best part is that Miniclip kept carrom alive by including a multiplayer mode where you can play against people all around the world.

You may also play against your buddies in one-on-one battles. You may use Facebook and Google Play to log in, or simply play as a guest. There are two multiplayer modes: Disc Pool and Carrom. You may also practice in offline mode.

There’s also an in-app purchase. It’s compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. In this game review, we’ll learn more about this pool and see if it differs from other digital carrom games.

How to play Carrom Pool Game?

It’s a board game, after all. The rules are the same as any other carrom game. Set and hit. To win, put all of your pucks in the pot. You will begin as a Beginner, and as you go through the levels, your rating will rise.

There are numerous phases from which you pick. They all have a different entrance cost ranging from $200 to $10,000, with the prize money being double the entry fee. By choosing one, you will be assigned a random opponent with whom you will compete, and if you win, you will receive the prize money.

During the game, you can also in-chat. If you’re lucky, the server will fall down, granting you a free victory with loads of gifts and the opportunity to level up the game. You can also quit the game in the middle and waste your entrance money and prize. If you choose to play with friends, you will receive 100 free gems.

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Carrom Pool Game Features


It’s great fun to play any game with your family and friends. You can play the carrom pool with your friends. This game can be played with up to four people at a time, just like a real carrom game. Challenge and compete with your friends to get more money.


It’s a great feature to play a game with friends while sitting far away. Carrom Pool lets you play the game online. You can have real-life carrom with friends online, but only if you’re in the same room. This online carrom pool game allows you to play in any city or country.


If you’re bored and have no friends online, you can still play this game. You don’t have to worry, you can still play the game with your computer. This game will be played by the computer as if it were a person.

Buy items from shop

The Shop Section will appear in the right corner of the screen when you first start the game. You’ll find jewels, Master Chests, Supreme Chests, Pro Chests, and much more here. However, you will have to pay dollars to obtain all of these products.

Carrom Pool Game Modes

Play Carrom

Play Carrom is quite similar to Play Disc Pool, although there are a few differences. The table will include 13 troops instead of 12. It is critical to remember that the red unit must be consumed before the last unit. Otherwise, our opponent will do the same and will easily defeat you.

Play Disc Pool

It includes many well-known locations such as Delhi, Paris, London, Dubai, New York, and Mumbai. Each player spends a certain amount of money before the game begins in this mode. Finally, the winner will receive the whole sum from all players.

Practice Mode

As the title indicates, this is a free mode in which you may practice playing the game. Because it is only a training match, there will be no worry of losing money.


If you enjoy carrom but do not have any friends with whom to play it, you should try playing it online with your buddies. You will become hooked to this game after playing it once, and you will feel forced to play it again and again.

I hope you enjoy this game and the information provided about it, and that you will share it with your friends on social media.

What's new

  • Start claiming Carrom Pass Points with your Daily Missions
  • All users can now add friends and exchange gifts! Let's get social!
  • Customise your profile by editing your name
  • Minor bug fixes to make your experience even better!


  • Multiplayer
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Buy items from shop
  • Three different modes



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